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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All New for 2015

-          Speed, stability, easy to tune for different conditions, value, elegant engineering.
-          Benefiting from three years of structured testing, data collection and validation.
-          Developed in close collaboration with Glenn Ashby.
-          Built in Australia to aerospace standards.

Hull Shape
-          High volume combined with narrow waterline beam through U shaped sections.
-          Flat bottoms for maximum planing lift and minimum dynamic wetted area.
-          Rocker shaped for responsive trimming: Easy transition from bow-down (lowriding) to bow-up (step back/takeoff).
-          Bows have generous volume underneath and peaked low-freeboard tops for wave piercing and water shedding.

-          Low windage and high stiffness.
-          High modulus beams, Nomex cored hulls.
-          Integrated construction, sealed low-stretch trampoline, streamlined rear beam.
-          Future-proof foil case design, able to take any shape foil. Go from Z to L with no mods.

-          Optimised Z foils with variable section (camber changes along the span).
-          Full use of permitted lifting span.
-          Precise rake adjustment through worm-gear, as used by proven foiling classes.
-          Good foil support (no slop, no jamming) with precise toe-in through rotating bearings.
-      Optional L/V foils, plug and play.

-          All new: A leap forward from the existing dagger/cassette concept that we pioneered and has since been widely adopted.
-          The new system allows much better refinement of rudder planform as well as easy rake adjustment on the water and greater safety.
-          Superior grip at low speed, low drag and precise control when foiling.

-          Customer deliveries expected to start in August 2015.
-          Ongoing deliveries after September including containers to the Americas and Europe.
-          Contact us now to lock in a hull number with a conditional holding deposit.

Phone: +61 412 127 388

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Speed and Beauty, the Smart Way

par·a·dox  (par-a-dks)
1. A tenet contrary to received opinion.
2. A statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense but is nonetheless true.
3. An assertion that is self-contradictory, though based on a valid deduction from acceptable premises.